How It Works

Social Isolation

City of Parramatta Council have been delivering meals within the Local Government area for over twenty years. We believe we are more than just a meal. Unlike other marketplace suppliers who “drop and run”, our team knock on the door to say hello and check that everything is okay. As loneliness is on the rise and the research has proven the negative impact this has on your health, we believe that this social interaction is critical to your wellbeing.


Your safety

We are far more than just a meal delivery. We ensure your safety and wellbeing. If we call to deliver and you do not answer, we check in with supplied contacts to ascertain your safety. If we discover you are unwell, we will wait with you till an ambulance arrives, contacting your loved ones and making sure you are looked after.



We offer culturally diverse meals and cater to most dietary requirements. We have designed this portal to allow you to list your allergies and your preferences. If you are allergic to nuts and you tick that, any meal with traces of nuts will be removed from your viewing, so you cannot accidently order it. These allergies will not be removed without a letter from a doctor, making sure safety is the priority.

Preferences on the other hand can be added and removed as you wish. If you do not like peas for example, any meals with peas will disappear BUT if you change your mind you can untick and see more options.



Meals are delivered Monday to Friday from 8.30am till 11.00am, so you can still plan your day.


Food Safety

It is a recommendation from our suppliers that chilled meals are refrigerated immediately upon delivery and that frozen meals are placed in your freezer immediately.

  • If you are not at home when your meal is delivered, it is NOT possible for the Volunteers to leave your meal in an esky or box, nor can your meal be left on a table or doorstep.
  • Meals can only be left with a readily accessible neighbour by prior arrangement.


Commonwealth Funded Programs

If you receive Home Support, a Home Care Package or are on the National Disability Insurance Scheme, we can help you. As an Approved Provider we will work with you to organise payments and our services extend, through our Community Care team, for social outings, lawn mowing, health and fitness activities and much more.


No funding?

Not a problem! You can still order and have meals delivered from this service. If your circumstances then change, it is so simple for us to transfer you over to receive the reduced rates that come with Commonwealth Funded Programs. If you need more information on My Aged Care or NDIS, just send us an email (click here).



For those who are on a Commonwealth Funded Program, we can work within the requirements of your package for payments or in organising a direct debit. Otherwise, you can pay securely online with your visa debit card, prepaid card or credit card.